kaki. “Diospyros kaki”

The persimmon is a tropical fruit of a more or less orange colour, with a smooth skin and a very sweet taste.

We have a collection of grapevines in different types of pots.

The persimmon is a fruit native to China, where it has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years. It is also known as persimmon, persimmon or diospyros. Persimmons are deciduous trees with small flowers that produce oval or round fruits with velvety skin and sweet, juicy flesh.

Persimmons are cultivated in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, North America and Europe. There are many varieties of persimmons, each with its own characteristics and uses. Some persimmons are eaten fresh, while others are used to make jams, compotes or to be dried and preserved.

Persimmons are rich in nutrients and vitamin C, and are a good source of fibre and antioxidants. It has also been shown to have health benefits, such as improving digestion and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Dyospiros kaki (kaki lotus) Mini Copa
Bowl 20
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